About WCBA

The Worcester County Beekeepers Association has been a leader in beekeeping education for over one hundred years. We are the oldest county beekeeping organization in the United States, with members from all over New England. Through our beekeeping school, quarterly newsletters, monthly meetings and outreach activities, the club provides ongoing education for our members and the public.

WCBA Board of Directors


President Kathy deGraaf 508-393-0140
Vice President   Barbara MacPhee 508-829-4556
Secretary Angela Hogue 508-277-5949
Treasurer Phil Gaudette 508-826-5599 
Past President Mary Duane 508-335-0433
Bee School Director   Paul O'Connor 508-869-6214
Membership Director Angela Hogue 508-277-5949
Program Director Ken Warchol 508-680-3440
Publications Director Charice Kalis 508-764-1557
Legislative Director Richard Callahan 508-332-9776
Director (2020) Richard Callahan 508-332-9776
Director (2020) Norman Mercier 508-987-0947
Director (2019) Evelyn Schraft 401-573-9480
Director (2019) Max Weagle 774-244-1300
Director (2018) John Collins 508-259-0488
Director (2018) Kevin Rudat 508-277-8852
Library Committee Kathy deGraaf 508-393-0140
MBA Delegate Richard Callahan


MBA Delegate Michael Schraft


MBA Delegate Evelyn Schraft 401-573-9480
MBA Delegate Max Weagle


MBA Delegate Mary Duane


WCBA By-Laws 2018

WCBA By-Laws 1993