Bee School




Congratulations to Graduates of WCBA's 77th Annual Bee School!


The 78th Annual WCBA Bee School will begin on the first Thursday of March 2020!  Stay tuned for details!


The information below is from the 2019 Bee School description and is provided as background for potential 2020 students, although details may vary:


The 77th Annual Bee School ran for eight Thursdays. from 7pm to 9:30pm at Grafton High School Auditorium, 24 Providence Road, Grafton, MA.


This school is appropriate for beginners and experienced beekeepers, individual or family (we encourage every beekeeper to attend two years!). The 2019 fee was $35 per student. Each enrollment included a pro-rated WCBA membership through December 31, 2019 and an email subscription to the WCBA quarterly newsletter. Students received a separate binder with a class syllabus and additional information, to use as a place to keep classroom handouts. 


NOTE: WCBA recommends new beekeeping students purchase a reference book, such as  "Beekeeping for Dummies (4th Edition)". For returning students or experienced beekeepers, WCBA recommends "The Beekeeper's Handbook (4th Edition)".

If you missed Bee School this year, or would like to learn about beekeeping before next year's class, we urge you to join the club and come to our monthly meetings and beekeeping events! See the "WCBA Membership" area at the top left of the WCBA Site home page.
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