Saturday September 19

Fall Management and Winter Preparations, Part 2

Time:  1pm

Place:  Keown Orchard, McClellan Road, Sutton, MA

Speaker:  Ken Warchol

What to Bring: veils, suits and gloves (bees can be cranky at this time of year!), lawn chair, snack to share if desired


Ken will present a program on "Final Preparations of Your Hives For Winter". This will be followed by small group hive openings where we evaluate the hives with a hands-on approach so group leaders can show you what to look for in your hives. Highly recommended for all beekeepers. You can take a wagon ride into the orchard to pick your own apples after the meeting. Be sure to bring refreshments. We will take care of the drinks and cider.

Saturday October 3

Saturday All Day Meeting

Time:  9am - 3:30pm

Place:  Knights of Columbus Hall, Manville Road, Leicester, MA

Speakers:  Ernesto Guzman, Profressor and Director of the Honey Bee Research Centre, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

2nd speaker TBA


1) Scratching off mites and resistance to varroa in honey bees:  A talk on our experience with grooming behavior as one of the main mechanisms of resistance to varroa.  Also some ideas to breed resistance against the mite.

2) Microbes and natural compounds for the control of honey bee parasites:  A talk on our attempts to use fungi and natural compounds to control Nosema and varroa.

3) Africanized "killer" bees: an overview.  What we know about AHBs and their impact.  Dr. Guzman worked for nearly 15 years with these bees.

Additional Topics TBA 




Sept. 4-7 -- Spencer Fair, Spencer, MA

Sept. 19 -- Apple picking and last outdoor meeting of the season, Keown Orchards, Sutton, MA

Oct. 3 -- All Day indoor meeting with SPECIAL SPEAKERS

Nov. 7 -- Thanksgiving Banquet, Leicester KofC

Dec. 5 -- Christmas Party at Leo's Ristorante, Worcester