Saturday August 15

Fall Management and Winter Preparations, Part 1

Election of WCBA Officers and open BoD positions

Time:  1pm

Place:  Heifer Project Farm, 216 Wachusett St., Rutland, MA 01543  phone 401-536-8648

Speakers:  Ken Warchol and Liz Joseph

What to Bring:  veils and gloves as needed, lawn chair, snack to share if desired


Come join us at the beautiful Heifer Project Farm in Rutland, MA.  We will be demonstrating how to prepare your hive for the winter months.  Preparations for the winter season start in August.  After the hive openings the WCBA 2011 Honey Queen, Liz Joseph will present the following program:  Healthy Soil for Healthy Plants and People (and Bees!). Learn Tips and Tricks for increasing soil fertility in your garden so you can grow healthier plants, eliminate pesticides and herbicides and enjoy vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs that are more nutritious for us!  A walking tour of the Heifer Farm's 1-acre no-till, organic garden is part of the session.  A golf cart will be available to shuttle a few folks.  Note: At this meeting we will also have our election for WCBA officers and the two open positions on the Board of Directors.


Directions to Heifer Farm:  Take Route 122A North out of Holden Center toward Rutland.  Take a right onto Route 68 North.  Go 2.6 miles to Wachusett St. (you will see a flashing overhead traffic light).  Take a right onto Wachusett St. and follow it for 0.2 miles.  The entrance to the Heifer Project Farm will be on your right.  Follow the WCBA meeting signs.


Sept. 4-7 -- Spencer Fair, Spencer, MA

Sept. 19 -- Apple picking and last outdoor meeting of the season, Keown Orchards, Sutton, MA

Oct. 3 -- All Day indoor meeting with SPECIAL SPEAKERS TBA

Nov. 7 -- Thanksgiving Banquet, Leicester KofC

Dec. 5 -- Christmas Party at Leo's Ristorante, Worcester